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As a professional, I have been inspired and evolved in particular from the position of Adolf Loos (1870-1933) that “An architect is a bricklayer who has learned latin.”

Given that those who spoke Latin at that time were considered to be people of a very rare high cultural level, this Loos phrase clarifies that the Architect is the one who knows how to “do”, which has his hands dipped in the mud, but at the same time has devoted countless hours to knowledge and continuous education!

The Architect should not have an approach limited to his individual creation. He is not an artist trying to confirm his reputation or to impose his “voice” to become famous!

Definitely not the building decorator, the one who chooses the colors and curtains or the one who will make arbitrary arrangements!

He is the builder who knows the history of art, geometry, physics, economics and psychology!

It is the captain who knows firsthand every operation of the ship. He is fully aware of the difficulties faced by each specialty and is there to work with each one separately, from his master, his assistant, the mechanic and the civil engineer or the supplier of materials.

It has the ability to manage constructively all the available human resources and knowing the needs of its employer, to guide him safely to his desired destination!

The measure, knowledge and good use of matter, its composition and its combination with man and his environment are the factors that create the conditions of prosperity and happiness.

Theodoros Sotirios Tountas


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